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A table top RPG about the various Earth religions and their conflicts. This is a game of epic proportions where you could run into a devil selling brimstone extract to a demi-god breaking into heaven.

What Is End of Days?Edit

End of Days is a d20-based role playing game where you can take on the mantle of a Half-demon bounty hunter seeking redemption, or an AI war mech fighting the forces of Heaven. The religions of this world have all come back and are seeking to maintain their grip on the earth. Christian Angels fight Greek Heroes and the Demonic horde is held at bay by Odin and the warriors of Asgard. You must pick a side and bring the fight to your enemies, but more Gods and ancient evils are pouring into the world, each looking to destroy the universe that God has left in the care of the Angels. Meanwhile, the Artifical Intelligence Nation is growing and becoming a faith in its own right. All of this is culminating in a great fight between the dozens of factions striving to rule the earth.

How will you survive?

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